More Battlefield 4 content is on the way, and it will all be free

battlefield 4 content free naval strike

With its rocky launch now a distant memory, Battlefield 4 is still going strong, with developer DICE in the process of releasing a steady stream of content for its competitive first-person shooter. and plenty more goodies are scheduled to come down the pipe for the game, and to the delight of fans, all of it will be free for everyone, regardless of whether you are a Premium player or are just a regular old plebe.

DICE producer David Sirland confirmed (via BF4Central) that all future content that is created will be free of charge for all players. This includes new maps and weapons, in addition to the upcoming Gunmaster game mode, in which players must kill opponents with a series of weapons, moving up the ladder of weaponry until they manage to kill someone with a knife and win. Gunmaster is coming in the spring update, along with five new weapons, including an AN-94 assault rifle.

A future update will add Night Maps, which are nighttime versions of a selection of the game’s maps, including Siege of Shanghai, Zavod 311, and Golmud Railway. This summer DICE will also release a new community map, along with an unnamed remake of a fan-favorite map that orignated from a previous Battlefield game.

This is all great news for Battlefield 4 fans, especially those that aren’t fully sold on Battlefield Hardline. Developers don’t always provide such robust support this long after release, especially when they have already moved on to the next entry in the series.