Mortal Kombat X’s weaponized old woman fights back

The environmental interactions specific to each level in Mortal Kombat X add a fun layer of tactical color to the game’s otherwise linear arenas. One of the funniest among these is in the Outworld Marketplace, where you can grab an old woman (apparently named Blanche) who is minding her own business near the fight and swing her like a hammer to whack your opponent down.

Maybe she’s tired of being used, or maybe she was inspired by all the butt-kicking old women in Mad Max: Fury Road, but Blanche has clearly learned a thing or two after watching all us beat each other senseless so many times, and now she’s ready to get in on the action with a nasty new brutality.

Brutalities are finishing moves like the famously gruesome Fatalities. Instead of entering a button combo after you have won the match, however, Brutalities are trickier to execute, requiring you to meet certain requirements and then use a particular move as the finishing blow. In this case you have to have used at least two environmental interactions during the match, and then grab Blanche to deliver the killing blow immediately afterwards.

If it works, instead of just hitting them passively like a weapon, Blanche will tackle your opponent to the ground and brutally pummel their face in, then stand up to wipe the blood and brains from her face. It’s a classic Mortal Kombat mix of brutal and silly.

In other Mortal Kombat X news, creator Ed Boon recently revealed that more costume packs are coming to the game, including one themed around Brazil. These follow the horror-themed costumes that recently came as DLC along with Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees as a kombatant.