The walking dead are invading Goat Simulator

It started as a joke, and has grown to become the beloved court jester of AAA gaming’s royal court, skewering everything held sacred in the halls of E3. Goat Simulator, the bizarre and joyously glitchy sandbox toy from Coffee Stain Studios, is getting a zombie-themed expansion called GoatZ (a play on DayZ and the general trend of using a capital zed for all things zombie that was popularized by World War Z).

Just as the previous expansion aped the conventions of massively multiplayer roleplaying games like World of WarcraftGoatZ takes aim at the wildly over-saturated genre of open-world zombie survival games such as DayZState of Decay, and Dying Light. Features described in the announcement trailer include a “mandatory crafting system because everyone else is doing it,” “as many bug as all other survival games,” “a pretty big new map with some stuff in it,” and a “completely realistic survival mode where you have to eat every damn five minutes to survive because Dean Hall and Garry Newman said so.”

GoatZ will be available as DLC on Windows, Mac, and Linux on Thursday, May 7, for $5, and as a standalone app for iOS and Android on the same day and for the same price.