Destiny’s infamous Moon Wizard is back, apparently

destiny moon wizard returns that came from the
“That wizard came from the moon,” deadpanned a bored-sounding Peter Dinklage in the Destiny public alpha. The Internet laughed, memes flourished, Bungie made a T-shirt, but ultimately axed the line.

Well, now it’s back! Actually, it’s apparently been back for months, but no one really noticed until recently (thanks, Polygon!). Someone on Reddit pointed out that the line was reinserted around the time of update 1.1 in December when The Dark Below expansion launched. People just didn’t catch on because the player’s ghost doesn’t necessarily say the line every time, and it happens in an early story mission that the established community likely hasn’t touched in ages. You can hear the line again in a video posted just this past weekend:

For comparison, here is the line’s original, and widely-mocked form:

Destiny‘s next major expansion, House of Wolves, launches tomorrow, May 19. Although it won’t add another raid to the end-game content, it will include a generous selection of new activities to keep Guardians occupied for at least the next few months. Prison of Elders is a cooperative, wave-based challenge wherein three guardians team up to survive against an alien onslaught. The Trials of Osiris are a new, weekly player-vs.-player elimination tournament akin to previous Iron Banner events where gear and character progression are maintained, unlike the standard Crucible PvP matches — only the hardcore need apply. The expansion also introduces an exciting new feature that allows Guardians to upgrade their obsolete gear to be relevant for the endgame, opening up a much wider range of potential strategies because of more viable equipment.

Otherwise expect the usual array of new gear, upgrades, story missions, a Strike, and a raised level cap. House of Wolves launches on May 19 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Until then, join me in listening to this classic and imagining Audrey Hepburn is singing “Moon Wizard“:

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