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First gameplay trailer for 'Prey' will have you praying it's as good as it looks

First revealed with a cinematic trailer at E3 2016, the Bethesda-published reboot of Prey caught our attention for looking like Dead Space by way of the Shocks (both System Shock and BioShock). The first gameplay trailer, shared at the recent QuakeCon event, has only piqued our interest further.

Set in the near future, you control Morgan Yu aboard the space station Talos I in lunar orbit. Experiments in enhancing humans with alien DNA have (predictably) gone horribly awry, and as the first recipient of these abilities, it’s Morgan’s responsibility to survive, understand, contain, and escape the alien threat that has taken over the station.

Human Head Studios developed the original Prey in 2006, and had been working on a sequel for several years before publisher Bethesda canceled the project. The new Prey, which is more of a reimagining than a sequel or a remake, has been instead developed by Dishonored creator Arkane Studios.

Just as Dishonored‘s systemic, stealth gameplay encouraged an improvisational approach to problem-solving, so, too, will Prey give the player a wide range of tools with which to survive and no obvious correct answer. Morgan will adopt more alien abilities throughout the course of the game, adding a layer of role-playing game customization to how he plays. For instance, in footage shown at QuakeCon, he assumed the ability of object-imitating mimic aliens to turn himself into a mug and roll through a narrow space.

Arkane has proven itself a smart and skilled developer with Dishonored, which is easily one of the best games of its console generation. Using that knack for tight, interlocking gameplay systems and compelling world-building for science fiction survival horror is an exciting proposition, and we’re very intrigued to learn more as its development continues.

Prey will arrive some time in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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