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‘Doom’ expansion ‘Unto the Evil’ ups the fear factor with new maps, weapons

Publisher Bethesda has released its first DLC expansion for Doom, adding a collection of new maps, weapons, and equipment for the franchise reboot’s many featured multiplayer modes.

Bethesda also unveiled Doom‘s new PartyPlay feature, which will give fans a free playable glimpse at this week’s new DLC maps with no purchase necessary.

Doom‘s “Unto the Evil” expansion adds three new multiplayer maps — Cataclysm, Ritual and Offering — that are playable across the game’s deathmatch, freeze tag, warpath, domination, and Clan Arena modes.

Deathmatch fanatics can also add new equipment to their online arsenal this week, including a Kinectic Mine that detonates when players on the opposing team approach its vicinity. Also arriving as part of this week’s expansion is the UAC EMG Pistol, a weapon that makes up for its low damage rate by giving players unlimited ammo.

Anyone diving into Doom‘s multiplayer modes for the first time this weekend will want to keep an eye out for a new enemy creature rolling out as part of Bethesda’s latest DLC. Players who purchase Unto the Evil can assume control of the Harvester, a Summoner-like demon that boasts an array of unique attacks.

If you’re new to Doom and aren’t sure if you want to pick up this week’s expansion, you may want to hit up your friends list to get a free sample. Bethesda announced that all players will be able to experience Unto the Evil maps as long as at least one person in their in-game party has purchased the expansion.

The new PartyPlay feature is potentially a boon for Doom players who frequently play with the same group of friends, as only one member of any team will need to purchase Unto the Evil to unlock its content for their partied-up teammates.

Doom‘s Unto the Evil expansion is available now for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms. Unto the Evil is freely downloadable for players who purchased Doom‘s Season Pass, and is otherwise available as a standalone download for $15.

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