Engineers and creatives coming together for Oculus Connect conference

engineers creatives coming together oculus connect conference rift
Oculus VR has announced Oculus Connect, a developer conference that kicks off this fall. It’s meant to bring together engineers, designers, and “creatives” from around the world to collaborate on the exciting possibilities of virtual reality.

The event features sessions and workshops led by Oculus engineers and industry pioneers. CEO Brendan Iribe, founder Palmer Luckey, CTO John Carmack, and Chief Scientist Michael Abrash will all deliver keynote addresses about Oculus, its Rift headset, and the rapidly-evolving field of virtual reality. Oculus will livestream the keynotes for developers around the world who are unable to attend.

Despite the recent legal scuffle with Zenimax, Oculus’ momentum has never been higher, fueled by their recent acquisition by Facebook and taking home the Game Critics Awards’ “Best Hardware at E3” for the second year in a row. The first batch of Development Kit 2, their second generation headset, is poised to ship out this month. With Oculus Connect the company aims to capitalize on that momentum and, “take the virtual reality to the next level.”

Oculus Connect 2014 will run September 19-20 at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood, CA. The conference is open to the public, but Oculus cautions that it is geared towards developers and industry professionals. Applications will go live on July 10.

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