Fallout 4 blurred vision bug has no official fix, but workarounds exist

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A recently discovered bug in Fallout 4 afflicts players with permanently blurred vision that persists across extended gameplay sessions and character resets. While an official fix is not yet available, players have worked out their own solutions to the widespread issue.

Affected players see a permanent blur effect that occurs after an in-game concussion, or otherwise suffering a great deal of damage within a short span of time. Other users report seeing a permanent green tint with blurred edges, similar to a night vision effect.

Players experiencing a drop in perception may be able to fix the issue with a simple in-game workaround. In this case, the bug persists due to the game improperly restoring the player character’s status after healing a concussion with a stimpak.

Characters afflicted with negative perception can be returned to normal simply by receiving a second concussion. GameFAQs user “Pblcnme” recommends crouching behind low cover while enemies are present, leaving the player character’s head exposed and susceptible to concussions. Once players receive another concussion, they can simply heal it with a stimpak and restore their vision.

If the workaround is ineffective, players may have to enter restorative commands within the game’s console.

“For those with green blurred image, type this command: ‘rimod 00094636’,” GameFAQs user seth322 suggests. “And for the white-gray blurred image [use] ‘rimod 002041B6’.”

Console commands are only available in the PC version of Fallout 4, though publisher Bethesda warns that using them may lead to unpredictable results. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will need to wait for an official fix.

While the blurred vision bug will persist even after users save and reload, loading an earlier save may also fix the issue. Players are advised to create multiple save games throughout Fallout 4‘s quest until an update addresses the glitch.