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Fallout 4 gets post-apocalyptic cage matches with Wasteland Workshop

Bethesda teases Fallout 4‘s upcoming Wasteland Workshop add-on in a new trailer released today, revealing that players will soon be able to capture living creatures found throughout the game’s world and battle them in customizable cage matches.

The Wasteland Workshop DLC, priced at $5 and launching on April 12, introduces a variety of interior design options in addition to new wildlife-taming mechanics that will give players newfound power over the many mutated creatures wandering Fallout 4‘s simulated wasteland.

Fallout 4‘s upcoming DLC expands on the core game’s settlement-building component, which allows players to create and customize a home base for packs of fellow survivors. Players can salvage materials found throughout the game’s world in order to craft furniture, lighting, and defensive measures for their settlements.

The Wasteland Workshop add-on expands Fallout 4‘s creative options, letting players build rooftop gardens, decontamination devices, and a number of deadly traps to keep intruders at bay. Decoration is another major focus for Wasteland Workshop, as the add-on will introduce nixie tube lighting, letter kits, and taxidermy as interior design options.

Wasteland Workshop will also allow players to build traps for capturing nearby wildlife. Players wanting to keep pets can build small traps for dogs and cats, while deadlier creatures such as deathclaws require larger and sturdier structures. The definition of “wildlife” is quite broad, since humanoid characters like raiders can also be captured using Fallout 4‘s new trapping mechanics.

Once trapped, creatures can be tamed using player-crafted beta wave emitters, transforming them into helpful servants. Bloodthirsty players can also opt to unleash two or more captured creatures within an enclosed space and make them fight to the death for the entertainment of their settlement.

Fallout 4‘s Wasteland Workshop DLC premieres digitally for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs on April 12.

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