Far Cry 4’s prison escape add-on makes Kyrat even more dangerous with permadeath

Escape from Durgesh PrisonFar Cry 4‘s upcoming downloadable content expansion, is set to arrive on January 13, 2015, according to an update from Ubisoft.

Protagonist Ajay and and his pal Hurk wake up in Yuma Lau’s notorious prison, stripped of all their weapons, and they have to find a way out. Take too long and they will miss the extraction window, but move too recklessly and they have to start all over again.

Escape from Durgesh Prison adds permadeath to Far Cry 4, giving every decision more weight in what promises to be a challenging mission. Skills gained during each attempt roll over into the next one, but you have to track down your weapons and equipment again each time you die in the attempt. The mission can be played either solo or co-op, and leaderboards  let you compare runs with friends.

Fans who purchased the Season Pass get Escape from Durgesh Prison for free when it becomes available. Season Passes are available for $30, a package that includes this and subsequent expansions (like an intriguing one called Valley of the Yetis) along with bonus content like extra missions and an extra player-versus-player multiplayer mode. The DLC can also be purchased by itself  for $10.