Farting in Killzone Shadow Fall is now a reality

farting killzone shadow fall now reality 4

The latest DLC for Killzone Shadow Fall is making all your flatulent dreams come true, with the ‘Fun & Games Spotlight Pack’ available on the PlayStation Network for $2. The content features the ability to fart and to plank (among other things) during the victory sequence at the end of each multiplayer round. In the world of Killzone, these are called ‘spotlight moves.’

A common occurrence in online PvP (Player vs. Player) gaming is seeing the winner of an encounter taunt or humiliate the loser, meant either in jest or to further enrage the opponent. This tradition dates back to first-person shooters and MMORPGs from the early 2000s. Killzone Shadow Fall wants to make sure that your repertoire of taunts covers all bases, which is why developer Guerrilla Games continues to release these packs of spotlight moves. Here is an example of spotlights in action, though many games with online multiplayer have included taunts and humiliation moves, like Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted for example.

In Killzone Shadow Fall, spotlight moves take place at the end of a round, featuring the top 3 players from the winning side, and the top player from the losing side. One winning player gets to select the spotlight move to perform and must execute a command to do so. If they fail, the opponent has a chance to counter the spotlight.

So the next time you lose a round in Shadow Fall, get ready to hold your breath.