‘Full Metal Furies’ is a high-speed brawler from the creators of ‘Rogue Legacy’

Rogue Legacy studio Cellar Door Games is back with its next project, and just as Rogue Legacy turned the rogue-like genre on its head, Full Metal Furies aims to make you “rethink” the brawler.

Described by Cellar Door Games as a game in which you must “defend the free world from tyrannical titans,” Full Metal Furies features four playable brawlers. Triss, the “Sentinel,” is the group’s leader and acts as its “tank.” She can both block damage and use her shouting ability to knock away incoming threats. Meg, the “Sniper,” can both deal long-range damage and use a grappling ability to avoid threats, while “Engineer” Erin can both destroy incoming threats and use a drone to get the edge on her enemies. Lastly, “Fighter” Alex deals close-range damage with her hammer and possesses a nasty counter-attack ability.

Unlike most other brawlers and beat-’em-up games, Full Metal Furies allows solo players to swap between any two of these characters at any time, giving them a unique edge even if they don’t have a cooperative buddy to join them — of course, co-op is also an option, with both local and online multiplayer supporting up to four people.

Cellar Door Games has also made an effort to eliminate “edge fighting” — those pesky moments when you’re still in combat but can’t see your character anymore.

“Dynamic cameras, custom arena logic, and rebounding ensures the fighting always stays on-screen,” said a blurb on the game’s official website.

In addition to traditional brawler elements, the game also features a leveling and equipment system straight out of a role-playing game as well as several puzzles. Cellar Door also promises “one-liners,” but stresses that you’ll still understand the story if you skip through them.

Full Metal Furies will be available for both Xbox One and PC later this year. The game supports the “Xbox Play Anywhere” program, giving you a copy for both platforms when you purchase one.