More places to see, people to kill: ‘Hitman’ reboot will have a second season

Hitman Intro Pack
Like everything that does well in the entertainment world, Hitman is getting a sequel. Of course, the latest entry in the franchise is a sequel itself, but was somewhat of a reboot, especially when it comes to the way the content was released. It seems to have gone well, though, as at IO Interactive producer Hakan Abrak announced a second season is in the works.

Hitman games were traditionally released like most others, with a full dose of pre-made content. However with the recent reboot, titled simply, Hitman, content was released episodically like the Telltale Games releases of the past decade. That system looks set to continue in the future, with Abrak making it clear that he knows where season 2 is headed, as told to GamerGen.

One of the difficulties in making an ongoing plot with Hitman though, is that the protagonist has a habit of killing people. To that end, Abrak does hint that not everyone will end up with a bullet in their brain by the end of season 1, but that that will help set up season 2 moving forward.

What exactly season 2 will be about, is anyone’s guess, but Abrak did say that essentially the Hitman universe was being created slowly but surely, with the developers building the “world of assassination,” giving players expansive sandboxes to play around in. Season 2 will do the same, offering new places, new people, new missions — but old ones will be revisited too.

That means that as the seasons go on — and Abrak seems rather convinced it will go beyond two — the game will get bigger, more immersive and more in depth, as players have access to more content to play with.

With that in mind, Abrak suggested there was no better time than now to get into the new Hitman series. Since episode six, the last of the first season is now out, new players can jump in and experience all of the content in one go, rather than having it drip-fed to them.

Those wanting a retail disk version will need to wait until January, but that is not far off at this point. While we do not have a hard date, it does not sound like season 2 will be too far off either.

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