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Fly around in ‘Rocket League’ with Hot Wheels cars in new DLC

Rocket League® - Hot Wheels Trailer
If you have fond memories of run around as a kid with Hot Wheels in hand, then Psyonix has you covered. The game developer has announced new DLC for Rocket League featuring some of Hot Wheels’ most popular toy cars.

The two most iconic Hot Wheels are getting the Rocket League treatment. Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker will be coming to Rocket League on Feb. 21. Unfortunately, a Hot Wheels-themed arena will not be included, but there will be exclusive wheels and six decals.

For those who decide not to purchase the DLC, everyone will get a free Hot Wheels antenna, topper, “Treasure Hunt” flag, and “Shark Bite” topper. Items will be distributed via random post-match drops, meaning players have a good chance at unlocking these new items after each game.

This isn’t the first DLC partnership Psyonix has made. Psyonix has already released Back to the Future DeLorean DLC, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile DLC, and even an NBA flag pack. There has also been a slew of non-licensed DLC that has some crazy looking cars. Oddly enough, Psyonix has yet to partner with a car manufacturer. Who wouldn’t want to play Rocket League with a Chrysler Pacifica minivan?

As for competitive gaming, Rocket League is investing more into esports. It will include more than $1 million in prize pools, have a larger presence at gaming events such as PAX or SXSW, more funding for community-ran tournaments, and will start a true collegiate esports program. It’s an investment of more than $2.5 million. If you’re good enough, you can make a decent living off of playing Rocket League competitively. Granted, there is some intense competition out there.

Now if only Pysonix would make a remote controlled car.

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