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Imad Khan

Imad Khan

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Imad has been a gamer all his life. He started blogging about games in college and quickly started moving up to various publications. He now covers all things video games, technology, and esports.

Castlevania renewed season 2

‘Castlevania’ renewed for season 2 — less than a day after its premiere

Less than a day after releasing the first season of 'Castlevania,' Netflix has ordered an eight-episode second season for the animated show.

Our thoughts on Prepd, the most chic $69 lunchbox on the market

nintendo switch save data launch event  day 2

Nintendo: Switch save data cannot be transferred to a MicroSD card

Nintendo has updated its FAQ explaining that save data can only be stored on the Switch's internal memory and cannot be transferred.
Hands holding Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

There’s a hidden message to gamers in the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

A Japanese gamer has found a hidden message inside the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller thanking gamers by tilting the right stick back.
de blog steam deblob cropped

Paint the city tie-dye with Wii classic ‘de Blob,’ coming to Steam later this year

One of Wii's most memorable games, de Blob, will be coming to Steam later this year in full HD and standard controller support.
nintendo switch screen doc scratches lzbotw tvc 4

Nintendo Switch dock can scratch console’s screen, and gamers are finding creative ways to stop it

Users are reporting that the dock for the Nintendo Switch is leaving scratches on the side of the screen. Users are making solutions.
shadow of war leak 14589675 558778450993823 8317932509482353580 o cropped

Sequel to ‘Shadow of Mordor’ arrives this August

Publisher Warner Bros. and developer Monolith have officially confirmed Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and it's out this August.
uncharted movie script rated r 30321460236 c5f709f7b6 h cropped

Uncharted movie potentially rated-R, Naughty Dog has no involvement

After a Twitter exchange, Uncharted 4's writer, Neil Druckmann, pointed out the studio knew nothing of the R-rated movie script.
psvr sales numbers 28430730093 9010c945db k

PSVR sales are so high that even Sony is surprised

Sony has revealed sales numbers for its PlayStation VR headset, and it's outselling its two major competitors.
nintendo switch mobile processing power lzbotw tvc 3 cropped

Nintendo Switch has access to extra processing power on the go

A Switch teardown shows that the on-board Nvidia GPU can boost its clock speed by 25 percent while in mobile mode.
shenmue hd remaster 2017 cropped

Sega may be readying an HD remaster of the first two Shenue games

A source close to Atlus USA has revealed that Sega may release an HD remaster of the cult -classic Shenmue games.
snes usps theft 7750446820 69fbfabfe9 k cropped

$10,000 worth of SNES games found by U.S. Postal Service and returned

A video game archivist was awaiting a collection of SNES games worth $10,000, all he got (at first) was a torn-up box from the USPS.
sony handheld patent switch 6695130949 0ee9f19f18 b cropped

Sony files patent for new handheld that looks a lot like a Nintendo Switch

Sony has filed a patent for what looks to be a new handheld device with a lot of design similarities to the Nintendo Switch.
nintendo switch stolen lzbotw tvc 4 cropped

Nintendo retrieves stolen Switch that leaked video out on the internet

nintendo switch dev kit lzbotw tvc 2 cropped

Nintendo lowers price of development kits to entice indie game makers

At the Game Creators Conference 2017 in Osaka, Japan, Nintendo announced Switch development kits would only cost 50,000 yen, or around $450
final fantsy kingdom hearts images kh1 cropped

New details on ‘Final Fantasy VII’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ emerge

At the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences 2017 Square Enix showed off screenshots of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III
valve counter strike cheater ai 561252 10150615540556283 2142228383 n cropped

Valve is teaching an AI to find Counter-Strike cheaters

Valve may have created an artificial intelligence that is learning to catch cheaters in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
sega yakuza reprint 14366311699 1d2913c3c0 o cropped

Good news, PlayStation 2 fan! Sega has reprinted the first four Yakuza games

Sega has reprinted the first four Yakuza games, meaning right now gamers can buy brand new copies of games that were originally hard to find.
conan exiles first week sales new 1 cropped

People really like running around naked in Conan Exiles; it sells 320,000 copies in first week

Sandbox action-adventure game Conan Exiles has become an instant hit, selling 320,000 copies in a single week.
hot wheels rocket league rl hotwheels promo bkwwedkog c6e1dc555a6eff57c623d9877706c9a5 cropped

Fly around in ‘Rocket League’ with Hot Wheels cars in new DLC

Psyonix has announced new DLC coming to Rocket League featuring Hot Wheels' most popular toy cars. It's set to launch on Feb. 21.
nintendo splatoon 2 spectator mode tumblr ol735wfacp1u3akyno1 1280 cropped

Nintendo taking competitive gaming seriously, brings spectator mode to 'Splatoon 2'

One of the most requested features from the original Splatoon will make its way to Splatoon 2 in spectator mode.
mass effect andromeda sidequsts large img cropped

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ to have meaningful sidequests, akin to The Witcher

In an interview with PC Gamer, producer Fabrice Condominas, says the team has taken inspiration from The Witcher in making sidequests
project cars 2 trailer leak 13227369 943836752398827 8055785810566872945 o cropped

‘Project CARS 2’ looks beautiful — and so do the cars — in leaked trailer

The next iteration of Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS has been rumored for a while, but a new leaked trailer confirms the sequel.
hideo kojima nintendo switch 1418598776 f1cb91bec5 b  1

Hideo Kojima had some kind words for the Nintendo Switch

Famed video game designer Hideo Kojima had positive words for Nintendo's latest gaming console, Switch, comparing it to "transfarring."
galax gtx 1050 1050lpwebg 04 crp

Get more power out of your tiny PC with Galax's new half-height 1050s

Graphics card manufacturer Galax introduced its own line of half-height Nvidia GTX 1050s, offering smaller options for consumers.
final fantasy xv pc port 31460823104 249654735e o cropped

PC gamers may soon get a chance to explore the world of 'Final Fantasy XV'

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata said in an interview that he would like to bring the game to PC with mod support.
resident evil 7vr numbers 31803955981 3588218bbf k

Over 80,000 pants ruined as people opt to play ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ in VR

Global statistics for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard show that more than 80,000 gamers have tried the first-person horror game in VR.
wii library complete collection w5ml1am cropped

Guy completes entire Wii library, and it’s massive

A collector who goes by Nintendo Twizer has completed the entire Nintendo Wii Library, amounting to 1,262 games.
bioshock ios update 4375048451 2d69eae4f3 o cropped

That 'Bioshock' update for iOS is never happening, game removed from App Store

A forum post by 2K has confirmed that Bioshock for iOS will not be updated, meaning the game is officially dead.
south fork wind farm 2891509262 742a9bdfdb b cropped

The summer wind came blowing in … and powered 50,000 Long Island homes

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has approved a massive 90-megawatt wind farm that is to be built off the easternmost tip of Long Island.
htc vive upgrades 17136177965 c1c0d3672b k

Don't buy a VR headset just yet, upgrades are likely coming as often as iPhones

An HTC Vive exec says to expect VR headsets to be upgraded as often as mobile phones, meaning every two to three years.
xbox one controller hyperkin retro focused control1 feat

'Rare Replay' will never be the same with a Xbox One controller from Hyperkin

This adorable new controller from Hyperkin is designed to give Xbox One gamers a true retro gaming experience.
xbox one dashboard snap removal cropped

Xbox One to lose popular Snap multitasking feature in next dashboard update

In its next dashboard update, Microsoft will remove Xbox One's popular Snap feature to free up additional processing power.
sega spotify upload 7919463160 bba57c96af o

Sega graces gamers with massive selection of music on Spotify

Sega has just unloaded a treasure trove of classic tunes from its gaming library, all available right now for free on Spotify.