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Imad has been a gamer all his life. He started blogging about games in college and quickly started moving up to various publications. He now covers all things video games, technology, and esports.

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‘Castlevania’ renewed for season 2 — less than a day after its premiere

Apparently, people like vampires. Who knew? Less than a day after releasing the first season of Castlevania, Netflix has ordered an eight-episode second season for the animated show.
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Our thoughts on Prepd, the most chic $69 lunchbox on the market

After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, the chic bamboo-wrapped Prepd lunchbox is out. But is it liverwurst or filet mignon?

Nintendo: Switch save data cannot be transferred to a MicroSD card

Nintendo has updated its FAQ explaining that save data can only be stored on the Switch's internal memory and cannot be transferred. If a Nintendo Switch is lost or broken, a user's save data will be lost.

There’s a hidden message to gamers in the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

A Japanese gamer has found a hidden message inside the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller thanking gamers. It can be found by tilting the right stick back. The message reads "THX2 ALLGAMEFANS!"

Paint the city tie-dye with Wii classic ‘de Blob,’ coming to Steam later this year

One of Wii's most memorable games, de Blob, will be coming to Steam later this year in full HD and standard controller support. Details are scarce, but it's unlikely the game will support Wii motion controllers.

Nintendo Switch dock can scratch console’s screen, and gamers are finding creative ways to stop it

Users are reporting that the dock for the Nintendo Switch is leaving scratches on the side of the screen. To minimize the damage, users are placing foam pads inside the doc to prevent abrasion.