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Nintendo retrieves stolen Switch that leaked video out on the internet

Somebody thought they could pull a fast one on Nintendo. Earlier this week, NeoGaf user hiphoptherobot claimed that an unknown retailer had accidentally shipped him a Nintendo Switch early. Turns out it was actually stolen.

Nintendo made a statement to IGN saying “earlier this week, individuals claimed to prematurely purchase a small number of Nintendo Switch systems from an unspecified retailer. Nintendo has determined these units were stolen in an isolated incident by employees of a U.S. distributor, with one system being illegally resold. The individuals involved have been identified, terminated from their place of employment and are under investigation by local law enforcement authorities on criminal charges. Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017, and we look forward to everyone being able to discover the wonders of the new system for themselves at that time.”

Once hiphoptherobot learned that the Switch was actually stolen, he didn’t feel comfortable holding on to it. “I will say that I don’t think the person I got it from knew, and therefore I certainly didn’t know, but somewhere down the chain some switches had ‘mysteriously disappeared.’ So while it was unknown to me, once I found out that it had probably been stolen I did’t feel comfortable keeping it,” hiphoptherobot said on gaming forum NeoGAF.

Unfortunately for hiphoptherobot, who works as a barista, he is out of the money he paid for the system. “Not sure if I can really talk about it but I will say Nintendo has the console back and I am personally not in any trouble. Other than being out a console and the money I paid for it — which really sucks with all the bills I have right now — but it isn’t going to be the end of the world or anything.”

Maybe Nintendo will send him one as a gesture of gratitude for his cooperation.

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