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Paint the city tie-dye with Wii classic ‘de Blob,’ coming to Steam later this year

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THQ Nordic/Steam
It’s time to take down the I.N.K.T. Corporation once again, but this time in glorious high-definition: THQ Nordic revealed at PAX East in Boston, MA, that Wii classic de Blob will be making its way to Steam later this year.

The premise of de Blob is simple: there’s an evil corporation out to turn the world monochrome, and it’s up to de Blob and his buddies to ensure the world stays vibrant and colorful. Players jump around a city leaving paint trails and beating up bad guys. Like many games from the Wii era, its themes and tones are very kid-friendly.

De Blob was released during the height of Wii system mania. The system was selling well, and because of its unique control system, many original games were created to take advantage of it. While there was a ton of less-than-stellar content released for the Wii around that time, gems like de Blob, No More Heroes, and MadWorld squeezed through the cracks.

On Metacritic, de Blob currently sits at a solid 82 on Metacritic, indicating that it’s well deserving of a play through. Because de Blob will be coming out on PC, it’s very unlikely that the game will support the original motion controls. But considering that, as a platformer, the game really didn’t benefit from waggle, the exclusion might not be such a bad thing.

De Blob also had a sequel which was released on the Wii, as well as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but as of now THQ Nordic has only listed the original game for release.

With many Wii titles still stuck on its aging standard definition hardware, here’s hoping the release of de Blob on Steam will prompt other developers to port games over.

There isn’t a release date at the moment, but de Blob is set to hit Steam sometime this year.

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