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People really like running around naked in Conan Exiles; it sells 320,000 copies in first week

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Conan Exiles
A lot of gamers like adventuring in the nude as Conan Exiles has sold a whopping 320,000 copies in its first week.

Developer Funcom released a blog post detailing that the game has sold phenomenally well and that mod support is in the works. This is great news for the company, as all of its development costs were recouped in a week.

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We are deeply humbled and very grateful for the initial success of Conan Exiles,” Funcom CEO Rui Casais said in the blog post. “Funcom has gone through some challenging times in recent years and seeing the game we have poured so much time and effort into gain this amount of traction so quickly is very invigorating for everyone who works here.”

In the blog post, Funcom also detailed that the community can now begin modifying the game. The developer is giving members of the community freedom to create whatever they wants

Conan Exiles got a lot of attention early on as gamers realized it was possible to play the game with their character naked. In the character creation screen, players could also change the size of their endowment if playing as a male character, or breast size if playing as a female. This quickly jumped to the top of Reddit and other internet communities. Many streamers on Twitch were also playing the game in the nude, which turned out to be great publicity. Because nudity wasn’t the sole purpose of the game, it didn’t violate Twitch’s community guidelines.

The game is currently in early access on Steam, meaning it’s available for people to download and play but with some caveats. The game is incomplete, so there will be hiccups and glitches. But it’s a way for Funcom to interact with their community before a game’s release and to work on bug testing and other problems with a much wider pool of players.

Conan Exiles is currently out on PC via Steam Early Access, with the final game expected to come out in 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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