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Guy completes entire Wii library, and it’s massive

Your stack of old Wii games pales in comparison to this guy’s collection. Nintendo Age forum user Aaron Norton, who goes by Nintendo Twizer, has posted pictures of his entire Wii library collection, and it’s ridiculous.

According to Norton, the Wii had 1,262 game releases in North America. His collection doesn’t include variants, like different cover arts, collector’s editions, or Nintendo Selects, which were discounted re-releases of popular games. It also doesn’t include demo discs or games that were released in two-packs later on, like the Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy bundle.

For Norton, this was by far his most expansive collecting quest to date. With over 1,000 titles available for the Wii, it was four times the size of a Nintendo 64 set. As with any console, many of the games released on the Wii were not very good. Fans refer to these games as “shovel ware,” or games that were hastily made and shoveled out the door to make a quick dollar. Considering the Wii has sold over 100 million units to date, it’s no surprise that so many companies were creating content to take a slice of the Wii pie.

“My Wii shelves are 8 feet wide by 9 feet tall. I’m able to fit the whole Wii library in that space with three rows dedicated to highlighting some favorite titles,” Norton told Digital Trends. Even after this massive collect-a-thon, Norton is unsure of how much he actually spent altogether. “Unlike original Nintendo and Super Nintendo games, Wii games are cheap right now. Most game stores want to clear shelf space for either retro games or newer stuff. Wii falls somewhere in between those two categories so prices are low and its a great time to pick up titles,” said Norton.

Because nostalgia is a bug that hits just about everyone, Norton is pretty certain there will come a time where kids who grew up on the Wii will be after many of his rare games. But as of now, Norton has not received any offers, nor is he looking to sell at the moment.

Norton also made a list of what he considers to be the most rare Wii games. Unlike what most fans would expect, his top-10 rarest Wii games didn’t include highly sought after titles like Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Dokapon Kingdom, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawns, or Godzilla Unleashed. In fact, none of these games even broke into Norton’s top-40 rarest Wii games.

The top-10 rarest Wii games from least to greatest are:

  • 101 in 1 Sports Party Mega Mix
  • 2 for 1 Power Pack: Kawasaki Jet Ski/Summer Sports
  • Lucha Libre Heroes Del Ring
  • Cyberbike Cycling Sports
  • American Mensa Academy
  • Atreveta A Sonar
  • Maximum Racing: Super Truck Racing
  • 2 for 1 Power Pack: Indianapolis 500/WWII Aces
  • Maximum Racing: Super Karts
  • 2 for 1 Power Pack: Winter Blast/Summer Sports

While the Wii definitely had some fan favorite games, there are a few that Norton feels went unappreciated. “In my opinion some under appreciated games for the Wii are Muramasa, it’s a really fantastic 2D side-scrolling game with a beautiful art style. Castle of Shikigami III, it’s a fast past vertical shoot ’em up. Also Geon Cube has a unique arcade action game feel,” said Norton.

For those thinking of becoming a Wii collector, now would be the time to start shopping as interest in the system is currently low, meaning games should be cheap. As for Norton, he’s always on the hunt for new games to collect, but for now, he’s going to work on a new entertainment center that can display his massive collection of gaming consoles.

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