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Nintendo Switch Sports has a major Wii Sports vibe

Nintendo has announced Nintendo Switch Sports, a Switch sequel to the breakout Wii Sports seriesThe game will once again allow players to assume a character and play a variety of sports using the Joy-Cons’ built-in motion controls. Tennis, bowling, and chambara are returning from previous Wii Sports titles. The game will also include new sports such as volleyball, soccer, and badminton.

Nintendo Switch Sports will launch on April 29, 2022.

Nintendo Switch Sports – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

While the game is looking to capture the same simple motion-controlled play that made the previous two titles a big success, Nintendo Switch Sports is also adding a little depth for players who want more out of the experience. The Joy-Con leg strap made famous by Ring Fit Adventure will be included with the game and will allow players to play a shooting mode in soccer by kicking. An update will bring this functionality to soccer matches later this year. Another content update, planned for this fall, will bring golf, which was first seen in the original Wii Sports. 

All of the game’s sports will support online play. Players can face off with their friends or be matched randomly against other players around the world. Performance does matter in matchmaking: The more matches players win, the better opponents they’ll face.

Nintendo Switch Sports launches on April 29, 2022, but players with an active Switch Online membership will be able to participate in an online play test from February 18-20. Bowling, chambara, and tennis will be available, but only random matchmaking will be used, meaning players won’t be able to face off against their friends for the duration of the test.

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