Join us as Madden picks the games of the week, live on Twitch

Madden NFL 25 screenshot 10

Thanksgiving and football go together like gravy and pretty much anything. It’s been that way for decades, and will likely continue far into the future long after robots replace us. But with the advent of technology it’s no longer just a matter of turning on the TV and planting yourself in a chair as the tryptophan slowly delivers you into a glorious food coma. The way we can consume media changes everything, even football.

So help us indulge in a new tradition. While the real life games play out, join us on Twitch as we let Madden 25 do the heavy lifting via the PlayStation 4 and play out three of the week’s biggest games: Baltimore vs Pittsburgh, Kansas City vs Denver, and New Orleans vs Seattle.

We’ll be around to answer questions, and watch as Madden 25 plays out what will be three of the biggest games of the week. Check out the stream below or follow us on Twitch.

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