Check out more of Just Cause 3’s high-flying action in these new, leaked screenshots

A new batch of screenshots from Just Cause 3 has popped up, despite no official release from Square Enix or Avalanche, compiled here on NeoGAF.

In line with what we’ve seen thus far from the open world adventure/physics sandbox, the action looks magnificently over-the-top — in only one of the ten new images does protagonist Rico Rodriguez have his feet planted firmly on the ground. In the remaining nine, Rico is standing on top of trucks or jets, gliding around in a wingsuit, or trailing behind airborne vehicles with his grappling hook.

This long-anticipated sequel to Just Cause 2 is set on a fictional Mediterranean island which you must wrest from a brutal dictator. The landmass is supposedly about the same size as that of the previous game, but there’s more detail, allowing players to explore deep caves and climb tall buildings with greater freedom than ever before.

The fan favorite grappling hook is back with a new and improved physics engine, and it is joined by a new wingsuit for even more high-flying shenanigans. If you’ve ever wanted to tie a fighter jet to a helicopter mid-air and then leap and glide away to safety when they explode, this is the game for you.

Just Cause 3 is set to arrive later in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One.