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‘Knack 2’ is out this September at a reduced price — and it looks like a winner

The original Knack wasn’t exactly a critical darling when it launched alongside the PlayStation 4. The game didn’t make great use of the new console’s increased power — aside from better particle effects — and its relative blandness made it the object of ironic praise in the years to come. But if at first you don’t succeed, just make a sequel. During Sony’s pre-press conference show at E3 2017, we saw a new gameplay trailer and were given a release date for Knack 2. Knack is back, baby — well, in September.

Director Mark Cerny made the announcement, saying that he has been collaborating on the project with the team at Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan for the last couple of years.

In a new gameplay trailer, we saw the ever-growing creature pummel an enemy with impressive force, drive a vehicle with an electricity weapon attached to its front, and deflect a projectile. The game’s platforming sections also look like they take the best elements of retro games like Crash Bandicoot, with swinging hazards and tricky jumps. We also see plenty of environmental variety, with metropolitan areas, caves, forests, industrial facilities, and fancy mansions visible in the short trailer. Even the darkest areas feature some bright colors.

Though Knack has been the subject of constant memes, it looks like its sequel can finally do its concept justice with an increased focus on engaging gameplay. If successful, it could remind players of why they loved their original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 collections so much. Just like a game that accomplished that goal last year — Ratchet & Clank Knack 2 isn’t a full-priced game.

It launches on September 5 for $40. It’ll be going up against some tough competition that month in the form of Destiny 2, but true fans know what game they’ll be picking up.

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