Lian Li Offers Aluminum Chassis for Xbox

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Lian Li may be best known as the maker of futuristic PC cases and performance modifications, but on Thursday the company turned its attention to the console market with the release of a custom Xbox case. The PC-XB01 gives the vanilla-white Xbox 360 and aluminum facelift and helps alleviate heat and noise issues in the process.

According to Lian-Li, the perforated Mac-style case uses a 120mm fan to draw in more air than the stock Microsoft case, helping prevent the overheating issues that are so common with the infamously hot-headed 360. Additionally, the optical drive bay has been wrapped in foam to help reduce noise and vibration from spinning discs. And if you’re really dead set on performance, it can even be modified to allow for watercooling.

Naturally, gutting your Xbox 360 and putting into an aftermarket aluminum case will void your Microsoft warranty, so buyers should be confident in their technical abilities before diving in. The case will debut later in August with an MSRP of $149.99.