Magic: The Gathering- Tactics debuts new PS3 trailer

magic the gathering tactics debuts new ps3 trailerMagic: The Gathering is one of those franchises that you either already know everything about what is going on with it, or you don’t care–there isn’t much middle ground. It appeals to its own fanbase rather than reaching out to a more mainstream audience, and as a result, the fanbase for is one of the most loyal and well informed anywhere around. SOE hopes to win those fans over with Magic: The Gathering- Tactics, for the PS3.

Originally released earlier this month on the PC as a free-to-download and play game, no word yet on when we can expect this on the PS3–or in what medium. Odds are it will appear as a downloadable title on the PlayStation Network, but no word on when or how much it may cost.

Magic: The Gathering- Tactics is an animated grid-based tactical game. You play as a Planeswalker manipulating Black Mana to call zombies attack enemies with The Lord of the Pit, and destroy powerful monsters with the Royal Assassin.

Check out the trailer online, and look for it on PS3 later this year.