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New Super Mario Maker 2 free update turns Mario into Link

Super Mario Maker 2 is getting a free version 2.0 update for all players on December 5, which will bring new course items, modes, and a surprising new power-up to the game. 

The update’s biggest feature is a new Master Sword item, which will turn Mario into Link. Unlike costumes in the original Super Mario Maker, the power-up isn’t just cosmetic. When turning into Link, you’ll gain a host of special Zelda-themed abilities. In addition to slashing with your sword, you can also perform dash attacks and down thrusts, as you can in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Link will also be able to use bombs to break blocks and arrows, which can be aimed in three directions. The costume will only be available as on option in the game’s Super Mario Bros. game style, allowing players to experiment with 8-bit, side-scrolling Zelda courses.

Super Mario Maker 2 – A Legendary Update – Nintendo Switch

The update will also add a new Ninji Speedrun mode, which features new Nintendo-designed courses. In this mode, you will try to complete levels as quickly as possible, while outrunning the ghosts of other players around the world. New courses will be periodically added to this mode. 

Ninji Speedrun will give players a host of rewards, including new Mii costume pieces. Top players can also receive gold stars that can display around their character for added bragging rights. 

Version 2.0 will also bring a fresh batch of new course parts to the game. Spikes and Pokeys are both being added to the game’s roster of enemies. Both of these include variants that will appear on snow-themed levels. Spikes will toss snowballs instead of spiked balls, while Pokeys will appear as snowmen instead of their traditional cactus look.

Adding to that winter theme, the update will add frozen coins as a new item. This will allow you to place coins frozen in ice blocks, which can be melted by fireballs, burners, and even the infamous angry sun. The update will also bring a new P Block item, which will make unbreakable blocks appear when you step on a P-Switch.

Dash Blocks round out the list of new additions, which can only be used in the Super Mario 3D World game style. Stepping on this block will cause you to dash and increase your jump height. These new speed-focused items look like they’ll be integral to the Nintendo-designed courses feature in Ninji Speedrun as well.

The new content follows an update earlier this fall, which finally allowed players to play online with friends.

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