Camouflaged controller and headset coming to Xbox One in October

microsoft opens pre orders xbox one armed forces controller headset af and

Xbox One users haven’t had a lot of options to choose from in terms of non-standard controllers and headsets since the console launched in November 2013, but that changes with the reveal of the Special Edition Armed Forces Wireless Controller and Stereo Headset. The two items, which will be sold separately, sport a stylish splash of green-and-black camouflage. It’s subtle, and a welcome break from the predominantly all-black accessories that have been available so far.

The headset and controller are both set to be released in October 2014, with pre-orders in the US and Canada now open. The controller retails for $65 and can be pre-ordered here, while the headset comes in at $90 and can be found here. The two special edition items command a $10 premium over the basic controller and headset for the Xbox One. That’s the price you pay for military style.