‘Minecraft’ coming to PS3 on December 18

minecraft hits ps3 december 18

The phenomenon that is Minecraft will soon be available on another platform, the PlayStation 3, on December 18 in North America and Europe, according to publisher Mojang. The game will be available to download, and cost “about the same as the Xbox 360 version.” (The Xbox 360 version runs $19.99 on Xbox Live Arcade).

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has gone on to sell over 33 million copies worldwide across multiple platforms. Ports for PS4 and Xbox One have also been confirmed, but no release date has been set for either. An edition for the PS Vita is also on the way at some point.

According to Mojang, the PS3 version will offer everything the 360 version offers, and they are “pretty much identical to play, and will be developed in tandem now.” At the moment there are no confirmed plans for Sony specific content, but it is a possibility. No word yet on it offering cross play on the Vita and/or PS4 editions either, but that could come in the future.

“We don’t know yet, sorry,” Mojang’s statement reads. “We’ll let you know as soon as we do.”

Development of the PS3 port is being handled by 4J Studios, the same studio responsible for the Xbox 360 version, as well as the upcoming Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita editions.