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Watch Nathan Fillion’s superb ‘Uncharted’ fan film right now

There’s no denying that Nathan Fillion looks a whole lot like Uncharted’s Nathan Drake. And it turns out his ability to portray the adventurer is also spot-on. Fillion and director Allan Ungar collaborated on a fantastic 15-minute live-action fan film, which can be watched above.

The short film, which has no ties to the Sony Pictures movie that is in development, perfectly captures the tone of the popular PlayStation franchise. In it, Drake gets captured for his supposed role in stealing a valuable bracelet that could lead to the discovery of Flor de la Mar, a wrecked ship housing $2 billion in treasure. Based on conversations throughout, it would appear that the short takes place between Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 4, prior to Drake’s retirement from treasure hunting.

The short has all of the well-timed humor, action, and history lessons we’ve come to know and love. It even nods back to the video games during a shootout. And yes, Drake continues his miraculous streak of luck, as he doesn’t get hit by any bullets.

The film also stars Stephen Lang (Avatar) as Sully Sullivan, Geno Segers (Banshee, Teen Wolf) as the antagonist, and Mircea Monroe (Hart of Dixie, Episodes) as Elena Fisher.

The film ends just before their real adventure truly starts, so it’s a tad disappointing that we’re unlikely to ever see the conclusion of this Uncharted tale. Fans have long supported Fillion as Drake in a movie adaptation. Fillion spent the past week on social media dropping Uncharted hints, leading some to believe that he had been cast in the upcoming adaptation. Now we know he was simply hyping the fan film.

As of now, Tom Holland, of Spider-Man fame, is slated to play Nathan Drake in the movie adaptation that we know very little about. Holland, though, looks pretty young for the role. Holland’s casting could signal that the movie will act as a prequel to the video game series. After seeing Fillion step into Drake’s persona with ease, we kind of hope the movie will span decades and see Fillion cast as the older Drake.

We suggest watching the fan film as soon as possible. There is always the possibility that Sony will have it taken down.

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