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Netflix games is getting one of 2023’s best hidden gems and more

Your scout character standing next to a bear and smiling with three out of five hearts above them.
Netflix Games

Netflix is getting cozy for summer (if such a thing is possible) with new additions to its service, including the latest title from a Netflix-acquired indie studio and 2023 hidden gem Thirty Suitors.

Spry Fox, the developer known for indie mobile titles such as Cozy Grove and Alphabear, is releasing Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit on the Netflix app on Tuesday. This is the big new addition this month, building on the success of the original indie game with new NPCs to interact with, a new island to explore, and some new mechanics. This is the developer’s first game since Netflix acquired Spry Fox back in 2022.

The first Cozy Grove made a big impact not just because of its calming nature but also because of its time restriction. The game gives you a certain number of quests per day, and while you can continue to walk around after completing them, the point is for the player to put the game down. So in the original, the quests would take around 30 minutes to complete, after which you could sign out for the day. Camp Spirit also runs in real time, so get your quests done and then go camping for real if you want.

As for other games joining the service, Netflix announced that The Case of the Golden Idol, a point-and-click mystery game from 2022, is also available to download starting on Tuesday. The title was originally created for PC and was just made available for mobile this month.

Since Netflix has been putting a lot of games on the platform that are based on its existing properties, you can live out some reality show fantasies on Netflix Stories: Perfect Match. It’s also publishing its own version of the classic solitaire card game Hearts.

Finally, Thirsty Suitors, from Outerloop Games and Annapurna Interactive, is set to hit Netflix soon. This narrative indie skateboarding RPG, where you have to face your past (and that includes family and ex-partners), doesn’t have a release date for the platform yet.

Netflix does indeed have a platform where you can download games for free with your existing Netflix subscription. All you have to do is navigate to the games tab in the Netflix app on your mobile device and choose which title you want to play. Not only can you play games originally published by other companies but Netflix itself is also producing games in-house, with Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals and Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit being just two examples.

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