Nintendo 3DS more powerful than Wii, says developer

We are not sure if this is good news for the 3DS or sad news for the Wii, but a major Wii developer is claiming that in many ways Nintendo’s new 3D, dual-screened handheld is more powerful than the Wii, a full-fledged console. spoke with MattCorso and Keith Hladik of High Voltage, the developer behind Conduit, one of the more graphically intense Wii games.


“In some ways, [the 3DS is] even more powerful than the Wii,” said Matt Corso, creative director at High Voltage. “The amount of power dedicated to the small screen opens a lot of possibilities, and the shading and texture ability is superior.”

Producer Keith Hladik added: “…From our internal testing we have been incredibly surprised at what the little system can do. From a strictly visual point-of-view, it is impressive. We are able to pull off many advanced lighting and texture techniques much more easily than on the Wii. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a cost to doing them, only that they can be done more easily. We do have 3DS kits, we are working on a number of different ideas, and we are definitely excited about what this system means to the industry.”

The Nintendo 3DS processing speeds and statistics have not yet been released, but are speculated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of the Wii, which was considered underpowered back when it arrived on the market in 2006. If the 3DS is more powerful than the Wii, this may mark the first time that a handheld has outpaced a current generation console. Hopefully Nintendo is hard at work on a new Wii that will once again restore balance to the console/handheld ecosystem.

Does this mean we might see The Conduit 2 on the 3DS?