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Nintendo is already selling a lot of NES Classic Editions

Nintendo NES Classic Edition
Getting the balance right between supply and demand when a new product launches is always a tricky proposition for any company. Make too many and you could be left with stock you’re unable to shift, but make too few and you risk leaving consumers disappointed, or worse, seeing them switch to alternative products instead.

By all accounts, Nintendo has a hit on its hands with its recently launched $60 NES Classic Edition game console, with many retailers selling out of the machine soon after new supplies come in.

Indeed, market research firm NPD said Thursday the Japanese company has so far sold 196,000 Classic Edition consoles in the U.S. since it went on sale in early November.

With the holiday shopping season in full swing and many folks looking for some fun stuff to throw in the Christmas stocking, Nintendo will be keen to get fresh supplies of the console into stores as fast as possible.

For consumers eager to end the year with a spot of Nintendo nostalgia, Best Buy on December 20 may be your best bet. Find out more here.

In further evidence of how the retro game machine has caught the public’s imagination, Google revealed this week that the Classic Edition was the seventh most popular tech search in the U.S. this year, and the second most popular console behind none other than the Nintendo Switch, the company’s much-anticipated hybrid platform set for release next year.

If you’ve missed out on the NES Classic Edition buzz, the machine is a miniature version of the company’s hit console from the 80s, and comes with 30 classic games pre-loaded. Just like the games, the setup is super simple – no internet required, no updates and no downloads. Just plug in (to your TV) and play.

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