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Want a good look at the Nintendo Switch console? Check out this unboxing video

Nintendo Switch Unboxing – Nintendo Minute
The Nintendo Switch isn’t out until March 3, and to our disappointment, we woke up this morning to discover that it won’t be March 3 for over a week. To help satiate our appetite a bit, Nintendo has released the official Nintendo Switch unboxing video so you can take a look at what you’ll be getting next week — assuming you were able to pre-order the console.

Upon opening the box, you’re greetedbyo the main attractions — the Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Con controllers — right away. The system’s box, which is itself just a little bigger than two 3DS boxes, shows just how tiny the Switch is. Nintendo’s Kit Ellis also takes a second in the video to … smell the Nintendo Switch, and reports his positive findings to Krysta Yang.

On the top of the Switch itself, we can see the volume toggle and power buttons, which look more similar to an iOS or Android device than they do one of Nintendo’s previous handheld systems. Next to the headphone jack is the game card slot, and underneath the built-in kick-stand is a port for a microSD card. Given that the Switch has only 32GB of included space, we highly recommend using this.

Next, we see the Joy-Con controllers before they’re placed on the sides of the Switch itself. The right Joy-Con contains the IR motion camera as well as Amiibo functionality, while the left features the new screenshot-capture button.

Underneath the Switch console and Joy-Con controllers is the dock, which features a small light on its side to show when it’s sending a signal to your television. Two USB ports are found on the back, while a door on the other side houses the AC port, HDMI port, and a third USB port.

Two Joy-Con straps are also included in the box, offering slightly more raised “SL” and “SR” buttons for use when the controllers are separated, as well as the Joy-Con grip, which can hold the controllers when the Switch is docked.

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