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Your next kicks from Vans may have a Nintendo twist

If you like to wear your gaming heart on your sleeve, have you ever thought about wearing it on your feet instead? Vans and Nintendo are looking to give you that option with a new line of retro gaming sneakers, which have everything from NES gamepads, to Zelda and Peach emblazoned on them in a number of different designs.

Unfortunately, details on the shoes are very thin on the ground. Despite the designs appearing on German clothing site 43Einhalb, the listing disappeared very shortly after, leaving us with only a couple of cached images and the barest of information about the designs.

Five have been seen in total. The above four, featuring low- and high-top styles, classic Nintendo characters and references, and a fifth design that has a number of Mario-related characters covering its sides, which can be seen on the pulled listing.

No official announcement has been made by Vans or Nintendo, though Engadget believes that the range will officially go on sale in June, with prices set at $75 each. The writer there also has another point to make: The top right pair with pixelated band is the best looking of the lot. We would have to agree, though you are free, of course, to think otherwise.

Whichever one you like though, the question remains whether you would pay for them? Seventy-five dollars isn’t exactly astronomical for a pair of shoes, but shipping could be pricey if we don’t see them show up in a U.S. storefront.

Our fingers are crossed they do make it over here — if these do well, perhaps we’ll see a whole new line of official Nintendo clothing. There is a lot we would pay (or do) for a pair of Conker’s Bad Fur Day shoes.

What classic Nintendo property would you like to show your nerd love for?

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