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‘Ori and the Blind Forest’ is coming to retail with plenty of extra goodies

Ori and the Blind Forest is an exceptionally well-designed and emotional platformer, and the tiny team at Moon Studios demonstrated that nontraditional developers — the company is composed of people from all around the world — are still capable of creating amazing games. Now, the team has a chance to get the game into the hands of new players and fanatic collectors: Ori and the Blind Forest is coming to retail next month, and it comes with plenty of extra goodies.

For $20, the standard version of Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition gets you the game, a manual, “premium packaging,” and a poster. The $30 limited edition includes an extra poster, two postcards, as well as the official soundtrack. The moody, atmospheric music of Ori and the Blind Forest can make a grown man weep, so you might want to keep this out of your car’s CD player. The Definitive Edition includes two new areas and gives more backstory for Ori’s adoptive mother, Naru, and also offers several gameplay tweaks.

“Since we released Ori and the Blind Forest, we’ve received many mails, tweets, and requests from fans asking for a boxed retail release, so we’re extremely pleased to finally make everyone’s wish come true,” says Moon Studios Thomas Mahler in the official announcement.

You might notice that the above link takes you to the Nordic Games website, and not Microsoft, which originally helped make Ori a reality on Xbox and PC. The PC retail version will be published by Nordic, perhaps best known for buying the Darksiders license from THQ. However, Microsoft will be publishing the Xbox One retail release, though it doesn’t look like there will be a limited edition for consoles.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition will be available at retail for PC and Xbox One on June 14.

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