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Sibling rivalry: Latest ‘Overwatch’ CG short pits brother against brother

Overwatch is just a week away, and in place of a traditional campaign, Blizzard has been releasing fantastic CG shorts that give insight into the backstories of several of the game’s main characters. The first two focused on the gorilla scientist Winston and the time-bending hero Tracer, and the latest, “Dragons,” gives us more background on brothers Hanzo and Genji. Spoiler: They aren’t friends.

“My family tells of an ancient legend about two great dragon brothers: the dragon of the North Wind, and the dragon of the South Wind,” the short’s narrator states over gorgeous illustrations of an Asian-inspired beast. “Together, they upheld balance and harmony in the heavens. But the two brothers struggled over who could better rule their land. Their quarrel turned to rage and their violent struggle darkened the skies.”

This sets the stage for a pretty intense showdown, which is, naturally, what the short delivers. Hanzo drops from the rooftops, taking out several suited guards before sneaking into a nearby building to examine a katana and sit in meditation.

Before he has a chance to relax, the Cyborg Ninja-esque Genji emerges from the shadows, dodging Hanzo’s arrows as he shows off some impressive acrobatic abilities. As Genji appears to gain the upper hand, Hanzo fires a freaking dragon from his bow, which Genji counters with a dragon of his own, before revealing his identity (he’s not Gray Fox).

“I will not grant you the death you wish for. You still have a purpose in this life — brother,” Genji says.

If you’ve been enjoying these CG shorts as much as me, then Blizzard has a treat for you. A selection of Cinemark theaters will be showing all of them in full at a special event on May 22, and by reserving tickets in advance, you can “unlock” your local theater’s event. Several theaters, primarily in the Western United States, are already guaranteed to host the screening.

Overwatch arrives for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 24.

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