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Duty calls: Final ‘Overwatch’ short focuses on the gruff Soldier: 76

Overwatch is finally out today — kind of. Retailers have moved the launch of the physical game up by a day to allow players time to install the game before the servers go live in a few more hours. And of course, the occasion would not be complete without a new CG short.

Titled “Hero,” the final Overwatch short focuses on the mysterious and menacing Soldier: 76, as well as the young girl who witnesses his heroics. Traveling through empty streets to pick up flowers for her family, she witnesses a gang beating an Omnic, who, even without a face, appears to be pleading for her help.

After the group steals the girl’s money and taunts her for refusing to attack the Omnic, Soldier: 76 springs into action, showcasing a master of close-quarters combat. But it’s his firearm prowess that’s truly put on display as he leaps into the air and effortlessly takes out three targets with three shots.

“These. Aren’t. Your. Streets. Any. More!” he yells as the rest of the gang makes an escape. The girl looks at his actions in horror, but changes her tune after Soldier: 76 tosses back her stolen money.

Soldier: 76 is portrayed with the level of gruff heroism we’ve come to expect from Michael Ironside’s Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell, mercilessly beating his enemies while showing nothing but kindness for those in need. The character has attracted some criticism for being too generic and the “Call of Duty character,” but that’s what makes him so fun; in stark contrast to the gorilla scientists and time traveling heroes is a dude with a gun, and he knows how to use it.

Overwatch is out today for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can see when the game is going live in your region right here.

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