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'Overwatch' player dominates with Winston and some bananas

With his love of peanut butter, distinguished spectacles, unbridled rage, and acute interest in technology, Winston is obviously the best character in Overwatch. But what if there were a way to show one’s love for the incredible ape aside from simply spraying his face onto every surface? Twitch user Rudeism has found the answer, and it involves a lot of bananas.

By connecting a series of wires and metal contacts to bananas — their high potassium content actually makes them a great conductor, unlike his first choice of peanut butter — Rudeism was able to map all of Winston’s moves to an individual piece of fruit. Walking to the left, right, up, or down is all handled by a separate banana, as are Winston’s special and ultimate abilities.

Eventually, he appears to make Winston’s Tesla cannon fire automatically, enabling him to focus on running and actually capturing objectives, and the results are surprisingly competent. After getting his ultimate ability while playing on “Route 66,” he goes bananas (I’m sorry) and takes out five enemy players trying to push the payload forward.

Over time, the bananas began to get mushy, but this actually proved beneficial, as the game seemed to register when he was touching a banana more accurately.

After posting about his plans on Twitter, Rudeism was actually contacted by produce giant Dole, who encouraged his genius plan. This means that a stream where he controls Bastion with fruit salad is all but guaranteed.

Check out his Twitch channel for a look at his other unorthodox control schemes, including Rocket League with a guitar controller, Skyrim with voice controls, and Dark Souls III with a Dance Dance Revolution mat. We’re not sure exactly why he keeps doing these videos, but we’re very glad he does.

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