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Teardown videos surface for the unannounced PlayStation 4 Slim

Playstation 4 Slim Teardown (Fast)
The PlayStation 4 Slim has been the talk of the town over the last week, with unboxings and demonstrations showing that, though Sony hasn’t even announced the revised console yet, it is indeed real. A tech-savvy gamer has even posted complete teardown videos of the system, showing just how easy it is to get into its guts.

In a speedy teardown posted by YouTube channel Links-Tech, we see that taking out the hard drive is a remarkably simple task. By just removing a small plastic clamp and unscrewing a single screw on the back of the system, you can completely pull the hard drive out to allow for easy swapping. Unlike the Xbox One, which only supports additional external storage, most laptop hard drives will work in Sony’s system.

Inside the console, we see that Sony certainly makes the most of the Slim’s small size. The expected metal plates cover the disc drive and processors, and several large vents should help to keep the console from overheating.

The design is fairly similar to the recently released Xbox One S, with one notable difference. The fan inside appears to be quite a bit smaller than Microsoft’s new design, though neither company has had particular trouble with consoles baking themselves this generation.

The PlayStation 4 Slim, which we expect to see announced at Sony’s press event tomorrow, looks like it will make some pretty substantial revisions from the original system. In addition to a new controller that features a light bar on the front, it will reportedly also support 5GHz wireless, which would eliminate one of the few technical advantages the Xbox One currently has over the PlayStation 4.

The redesigned console is just one of the announcements we’re expecting Sony to make tomorrow. The 4K-capable “PlayStation Neo,” a high-end console not intended to replace the PlayStation 4, is heavily rumored to be announced, as well.

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