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Sun and Moon’s starter Pokémon are adorable and kind of creepy

UK: Starter Pokémon for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Revealed!
With the next Zelda and Nintendo’s new NX console attracting so much attention, you may have already forgotten that two new Pokémon games, Sun and Moon, are scheduled to launch this fall on the 3DS. The Pokémon Company is hoping that a first look at the game’s three starter Pokémon will get you back in the catch-’em-all spirit.

As has come to be expected from the series, the three starter Pokémon in Sun and Moon are grass, fire, and water types. However, the grass-type starter Rowlet can also fly (“owl” is right there in the name), and it can even use a long-range attack from “razor-sharp leaves that form part of its feathers.” Talking about leaving it all on the field. Rowlet also turns its head completely around to await orders from his master, which might be the creepiest thing in the series since anything involving Team Rocket.

Litten, the fire-type choice, embraces the best and worst of being a cat. Using its oil rich coat, Litten can cough up flaming hairballs to launch at enemies. The cat also sports some pretty serious whiskers, although I’d have to imagine it would hurt to have something that sensitive constantly making contact with your weird fire vomit.

If you’re a normal person, Popplio will probably be your choice. The water-type sea lion fires a water gun and can swim “at speeds over 25 mph.” Popplio can also use water balloons — this is, balloons made out of water — to perform maneuvers and launch attacks.

Nintendo and Game Freaks are still a bunch of weirdos, and that’s exactly what Pokémon needs. We’ll see if the companies have developed a worthy successor to X and Y when Sun and Moon launch in November. I’ll have my Ash Ketchum hat ready.

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