Sony reveals new PS4 system features ahead of System Software 4.00 upgrade

Sony detailed the changes and improvements PlayStation 4 owners can expect from this week’s launch of System Software update 4.00, including such highlights as sortable folders, enhanced social networking features, and a customizable Quick Menu.

The forthcoming update also overhauls the console’s What’s New section and improves user notifications, among other announced interface tweaks.

After installing this week’s update, PS4 owners will see a refreshed interface with multiple options for background images and color schemes. The PS4 console’s What’s New app has also been redesigned to encourage users to post their reactions from friends’ uploaded content.

The digital library will also see a number of long-requested improvements this week, including an option that allows players to sort their downloaded games and apps into customizable folders. If you have been frustrated with deactivated content taking up space in your library, the firmware upgrade will hide software that is not currently installed on the console by default. Users can still access previously downloaded content via a new Purchased submenu in the Library app.

The update will also introduce new data transfer features, making it easier for players to upgrade to PlayStation 4 Slim or PlayStation 4 Pro hardware. In addition to downloading stored data from Sony’s cloud-based infrastructure, players can directly transfer downloaded games anduser profiles, and save data from one PS4 to another by using a wired LAN connection, significantly speeding up an otherwise lengthy process.

The redesigned Quick Menu can now be accessed by holding down the Dual Shock 4’s PS button. Quick Menu options can now be added and sorted by user preference, and interface improvements allow players to take full control of the PS4’s built-in Spotify app without leaving their game in progress.

The update’s final set of announced features specifies the upcoming PS4 Pro hardware launching in November. The update will enable 1080p Remote and Share Play streaming for PS4 Pro owners, along with 1080p broadcasting via YouTube and Twitch.

The update launches as a free download via the PlayStation Network on Tuesday.