PSP Digital Comics Service Launches Today

psp-comicsThere is no geekier—or better—combination than video games and comic books. Okay, maybe video games, comic books and pizza, that’s like the king of combos, but it shouldn’t count because throwing pizza into any mix bumps it up a notch or two. In the case of gaming and comics you’ll be glad to hear that  Digital Comics, the PSP comic store, is set to go live today at 3pm. The Digital Comics Service is stocked with hundreds of new and classic collections, allowing you to choose from Marvel’s battling superheroes, Disney’s loveable cartoons, and your favorite Star Trek characters from IDW. The comic store also has a bunch of free comics on stock.

In addition, the European PlayStation blog says that the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa stores should become available at 5PM GMT, but unfortunately the store in Ireland is unavailable today due to technical issues. Go to to get Digital Comics on your PSP, and check out all the great names in the catalogue for yourself. You can also chat with other gaming and comic book lovers.