Mortal Kombat X trailer reveals Raiden’s three combat styles

mortal kombat x mobile announcement  raiden trailer screengrab

Raiden is coming back in Mortal Kombat X, and you can get your peek at him right now in this new trailer. NetherRealm Studios creative director Ed Boon revealed the return of the character as well as some details on how he’ll play in an appearance at the EVO 2014 Championship Series this weekend.

Mortal Kombat X’s characters will feature three different fighting styles in the game, with the player selecting the style of their choice before entering a match. Raiden’s three styles are all revealed in the trailer, and they feature some of the character’s key hallmarks, namely lightning and teleportation.

Thunder God, featuring “electrocution kombos,” chains together a variety of projectiles and close range shocks that will punish a player should an opening present itself. Displacer focuses on teleportation, with Raiden able to move quickly around the stage to find an opening. This, combined with staples like Raiden’s flying tackle, makes the Displacer style very mobile. Finally, Storm Lord plays a more patient game, with the key to this style being play with traps. Able to make balls of lightning float in place to stymie an opponent, this form relies on setup and waiting for an opening.

Aside from the fighting styles, little else was revealed about Raiden or Mortal Kombat X. It is still early days for this newest entry in the series though, and there is surely more to come on the game in the future.

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