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Think 'Resident Evil 7' was tough? Try beating it in hard mode with only a knife

There is one mode in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard that beats out the rest in terms of terror, danger and straight up difficulty: Madhouse mode. Of course, at least one player, who goes by the name Quizzle, has already conquered the RE7 madhouse using only a knife, the game’s weakest weapon by far, and in just three and a half hours.

This revelation came after Eurogamer‘s news that a different player, ItsTheWykydtron, had completed the game with only a knife on easy mode, which, in retrospect, is not nearly as impressive. Madhouse ramps up the difficulty by providing players with limited saves and less ammo, neither of which really matters when you’re speed-running and only using a knife. But Madhouse mode also makes RE7‘s enemies more deadly, with increased health, aggression and damage output, which makes this challenge even more impressive.

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“I want to say this at the beginning of the video: I’m not a speedrunner,” said Quizzle, the player who streamed the madhouse knife-only run live. “I just like to play these kinds of games.”

Jump around in the video and you will see the same thing over and over: Quizzle frantically dodging and slashing as powerful enemies try and fail to kill him. The boss fight with Marguerite is particularly disturbing, as Quizzle crouches low and swipes his blade over and over again at Marge’s, uh, interestingly placed weak spot.

Resident Evil 7‘s Madhouse mode should prove a major challenge for most players just to complete in the first place, using all the tools the game provides them, even with extra equipment earned for first completing the game on other difficulty levels. If you’re having trouble and you don’t feel the need to use only a knife, check out our RE7 Madhouse mode tips article.

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