Resistance 3 early access beta code giveaway! [All codes have been claimed!]

resistance 3 early access beta code giveaway r3Ok peoples, here’s the deal: We have 25 beta codes to give away for the upcoming first person-shooter, Resistance 3, and once they are gone, they are gone. We considered several ways to choose who to give these two, but our lawyers claimed that most of our ideas were not just illegal, but possibly even immoral. So we settled on giving the first twenty-five posters their very own multiplayer beta code for the game. But these aren’t just any old beta codes, these are early access codes.

For those that have been following the game, you may already know that the PlayStation Plus subscribers will gain access to the beta on August 23, and those that purchased SOCOM 4 will have their codes activated on August 4. But waiting is for suckers, so these codes are active right now. Just post a comment below stating why you want a code, and the first 25 people will be able to check out the multiplayer today.

Resistance 3 continues the story of an alt-timeline humanity as we welcome our new alien overlords. But rather than just invading, the Chimera have decided to be done with the lot of us and wipe us out. This doesn’t sit well with the last Joseph Capelli who happens to be human, so four years after the events of Resistance 2, he rejoins the fight and heads on a last, desperate mission.

But none of that matters at the moment. While the single-player campaign is among the biggest of the year, the multiplayer is what will keep gamers coming back. We had a chance to play it at GDC earlier this year, and fans of competitive online shooters should be paying attention.

Resistance 3 will be released as a PS3 exclusive on September 6. But if you want a chance to try out the beta now before anyone else, simply post a comment below (no double posting). And go!