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Break the floor in Dropshot, the next free game mode in ‘Rocket League’

Rocket League® - Dropshot Trailer
Rocket League is set to introduce another new gameplay alternative to keep the rocket-powered, acrobatic car game interesting. Dropshot sees you still controlling a ball in an open arena, but the goals are hidden until certain conditions are met. When they are, whole sections of the floor fall away.

One of the biggest reasons that Rocket League has remained successful for two years since its initial release, is that the developer, Psyonix, continually innovates on its original formula. Along with new maps, cars, aesthetic unlocks and a flourishing competitive scene, Psyonix has made new game modes, all focused on getting a ball into a goal.

In the past, we’ve seen versions of ice hockey and basketball introduced to the world of Rocket League and Dropshot expands on that with another way to play, in an electrified arena: Core 707.

Dropshot sees players dealing with an electrified ball that, when it bounces on your opponent’s side of the collapsible floor, creates the net you need to score in. The harder you spike the ball into the floor, the bigger the hole will be, creating all sorts of exciting chances to score.

To build up power to damage the floor, players can juggle the ball between one another, which should make for some impressive plays from some of the best and most coordinated teams out there.

They will even be able to play in the new car coming as part of the update, the hyper-car-like, Endo.

Dropshot is set to become available to players on March 22 and will bring changes to achievements and trophies, new body colors, rocket trails, and easier access to esports content within the game itself.

Updated 03/14/2017 by Jon Martindale – removed reference to dropping players through the floor.

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