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Rockstar Games says Lindsay Lohan sued for attention, wants her to pay

rockstar games says lindsay lohan sued attention gta
Rockstar Games, the studio behind the Grand Theft Auto games, has responded to Lindsay Lohan’s defamation suit against her alleged unauthorized appearance in GTA V, calling it a frivolous grab for attention that “was filed for publicity purposes” (via AP).

The actress filed suit in July 2014, alleging that Rockstar Games and owner Take-Two Interactive illegally profited from her likeness with a parodic starlet character in GTA V, Lacey Jonas. Lohan alleged that Jonas, whom you escort home to avoid paparazzi in one side mission and are hired to photograph while having sex in a hotel in another, is clearly derived from her appearance, voice, and clothing style.

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Take-Two and Rockstar fired back that the only resemblance between the two is that they are young, blonde actresses. In court papers made public on Tuesday, the publisher asked that the suit be dismissed outright as a publicity stunt, and asked that Lohan pay for their legal fees.

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