Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops trailer

shadow harvest phantom ops trailerThe list of developers for games that are PC only is sadly dwindling. There was a day when the PG gamer was king, but the market is growing smaller all the time, much to the regret of a large, and vocal section of gamers. But keep your head up, PC gamer, there are still some top shelf options coming soon for you. Developer Viva Media, the developer responsible for the hit game Stalker, returns with the third-person shooter Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops.

You play as both a CQC expert with demolitions experience, as well as a stealth operator, allowing you to choose the type of style you want to play. As you journey through some of the world’s most exotic and dangerous locations, massive open levels will let you choose the path, and the way you want to approach it. If you want to sneak by and play the game as stealth, you can do so. If you wish to unleash great anger and furious vengeance upon the enemy hordes, go for it.

Check out the trailer below, and look for Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops for PC only, on April 5.