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SNES Retro Receiver lets you play 16-bit classics with wireless controllers

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Retrogaming-focused hardware manufacturer Analogue is now accepting orders for the SNES Retro Receiver, a Bluetooth-capable device that enables support for a range of wireless controllers when paired with classic Super Nintendo and Super Famicom consoles.

In addition to supporting aftermarket wireless control pads, the SNES Retro Receiver will allow you to play Super Nintendo games on original console hardware using Wii Remotes and Wii U Pro Controllers. Not a fan of Nintendo’s newest consoles? No problem — the device also accepts PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Dual Shock controllers for input.

“We partnered with 8Bitdo to develop a wireless experience for your original Super Nintendo and Super Famicom,” manufacturer Analogue states on its website. “The Retro Receiver is a Bluetooth receiver that you plug into your original SNES. It allows you to play your SNES wirelessly with any original SNES or SFC model and even other aftermarket SNES/SFC systems.”

The Retro Receiver requires little in the way of setup, and can be plugged into any standard Super Nintendo or Super Famicom controller port. Once installed, players can push a button on the device to pair it up with compatible Bluetooth-capable controllers. The device additionally offers limited support for clone consoles, though compatibility beyond Nintendo-produced hardware is not guaranteed.

If you’re looking for a similar solution for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Analogue also produces an NES version of the Retro Receiver, which features support for the same controllers as its SNES counterpart.

The Retro Receiver is designed by 8Bitdo, which produces its own lineup of retro-inspired wireless controllers and joysticks for mobile and PC platforms. The Retro Receiver supports many of 8Bitdo’s products, including the SNES30, which mimics the look and feel of Nintendo’s first-party SNES controller.

Manufacturer Analogue previously made a name for itself in the tech world with the Analogue NT, an HD-capable Nintendo Entertainment System built using reclaimed and refurbished NES hardware. The Analogue NT is priced at $500, while a 24k-gold version will set you back five grand.

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