Sony’s streaming game service reportedly available in Q3 2014

sonys streaming game service reportedly available q3 2014 gaikai

The Gaikai streaming service that is supposed to grant users access to every PlayStation game on any compatible device, will be released during Q3 2014 in North America and 2015 in Europe, according to “trusted sources” speaking to Eurogamer. The report goes on to further state that some developers have been invited to participate in the beta, beginning early next year.

Sony has repeatedly claimed that the Gaikai service would be available sometime in 2014, and it sounds like the service is on track to meet that goal (in North America at least, with Europe and other regions to follow soon after). According to Sony computer Entertainment president Andrew House, the goal is to first have the service up and running on PlayStation 3, PS4, and PS Vita, then eventually have it on a “multitude of network-connected devices.”

Sony initially acquired Gaikai in July 2012 for $380 million. When the PS4 was revealed in February of 2013, Sony confirmed that its plans were to use the Gaikai technology to stream games to Sony devices, beginning with the PS4.

In theory, using the Gaikai technology Sony would be able to make every PS One, PS2, and PS3 game available through the streaming service (and presumably PSP and PS Vita games as well). So far though, Sony has only confirmed that it will launch with a catalog of “critically acclaimed” games. Neither Sony nor Gaikai have released any pricing specifics.

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